Hilarious Dance Workouts

Go ahead and laugh (that's also a workout) but actress Angela Shelton lost 40 pounds doing these crazy dances! It's free. I mean, how could we ever charge for this? BAHAHAHA!!

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Online Dating for Food

For hungry women who are tired of picking up the check. This funny and informative course teaches you how to STOP picking up the check AND how to cook your leftovers from last night's date that you did NOT to pay for!

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Be Your Own Hero with this Survivor Manual!

Be Your Own Hero with this Survivor Manual created for survivors of abuse and trauma by award winning filmmaker and children's show host, Angela Shelton, who became an expert in healing to help you break the cycle and live happily ever after - no matter what you've been through!

You don't have to be a survivor to get value out of this course. This is also for you who have repeated negative thoughts about yourself and others and want ways to get rid of them!

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